Play & Sing Playgroup - Ocean Shores

FREE Playgroup every Friday from 9.30 to 11.30am during NSW Term Time


  • Located at the HUB Baptist Church located on the corners of Rajah Rd and Bindaree Way (just behind Target).
  • Enclosed outdoor area with sandpit covered by shade sails
  • Range of indoor and outdoor toys and activities
  • Fun interactive singing session with playful music and a range of musical props


General Information

Play and Sing Playgroup runs every Friday from 9.30am to 11.30am during NSW Term Time. It operates out of the HUB Baptist Church located on the corners of Rajah Rd and Bindaree Way (just behind Target).

You can enter the playgroup either through the main entrance of the church or from various side-gates surrounding the building that lead into the outdoor play area.

Toilets and change facilities are located at the entrance of the church  and a bright and airy indoor play area is located at the back complete with tables and chairs set up for various fun craft activities and play doh.

There is a wonderful enclosed outdoor area with shaded sandpit and plenty of different toys and games to choose from to suit all pre-school ages.

The lovely Katie is the playgroup facilitator and will be there to welcome you on arrival. People generally arrive from around 9.30am but there is no pressure to be there by a certain time, you can come when you like.

Morning Tea is usually served from 10.30am with some fruit for the children and tea or coffee for the mums and dads.

At 11am everyone heads to the hall for a fun singing session with playful, interactive music using lots of different props including instruments, feathers and a parachute!

There are no joining fees, weekly admittance is FREE and you can attend when it suits you!

To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact Katie either by phone on 0438 531 011, email: or visit their Facebook Page


Photos of the playgroup have been taken with the permission of Play and Sing Playgroup.