I think you’ll agree with me that if your child has made up their mind about what they want to happen for their birthday, we are generally at pains – unless it’s simply not feasible in terms of price or possibility eg – it is a requirement  to be over 10 years old and they are just turning 7 – to make it happen.

Fortunately, so far the requests from my two have been reasonable and achievable but there’s always next year!!

We’ve had a fabulous clown party in the local park with Shorty Brown, a glorious nature-themed songs and stories from the equally glorious Annie Bryant and last year we decided to have a quiet family weekend away (they both wanted to stay in a caravan park – bunk beds were the most amazing thing ever!!) and  we drove down to Coffs Harbour with some friends whose children’s birthdays were within a week of one of ours and the children’s entrance into Dolphin Magic was free! A simply amazing family experience for all!

However, it goes without saying that parties require planning and organisation… as do date nights with your partner…as do holidays.

There’s nothing worse than that last minute panic; the face-painter calls to say they’ve double-booked; the baby-sitter calls to say they’re sick, the car you’re hiring for the weekend doesn’t come with  an appropriate child seat.

Fortunately, there are a number of fantastic businesses in Byron Bay and surrounding areas that can help you out in a jiffy.

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There are the ‘all rounders’ as I like to call them who offer a range of supportive services  from grocery shopping to child-minding to dog walking to ironing. Professional services that are offered to both locals and holidaymakers alike.  *EVOLUTION CONCIERGE * HOLIDAY ANGELS BYRON BAY *

There are also a number of awesome equipment hire places – super handy if you are visiting and don’t want to lug porta-cots, strollers etc through the airport and fab if you’ve got a friend visiting with a little one and you need an extra car seat or highchair for the week/end. * BYRON BABY SHOP * BYRON BAY HOLIDAY HIRE * BALLINA BABY HIRE *

Not to be outdone are the one-stop-shop kids entertainment and event specialists who do everything from  party planning to pony rides, babysitting to bouncy castles, face-painting to fairy characters and much more besides! Friendly, organised and helpful with great suggestions and ideas that match your (your child’s!) requirements. * KIDZKLUB AUSTRALIA *BYRON BAY KIDS ENTERTAINMENT

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There’s also the simply fabulous all round children’s entertainers such as SHORTY BROWN and * SPARKY DO DAH and the wonderfully themed performers such as Annie Bryant with her nourishing TALES AND SONGS * FITNESS KIDZ with their active entertainment packages or * TIE DYE  with their creative tie dye fun for all ages!

And did I mention the babysitters? I can’t tell you how many times I have seen in various Mother’s Groups on Facebook – Help I need a babysitter for tonight? Can anyone recommend…etc etc

There are a number of local, babysitting agencies who offer certified, professional babysitters and the ones that I am aware of are listed under Kids Services and Event Specialists

If you know of any more do let me know and I’ll add them as soon as possible! * THE BAY SITTERS * LITTLE WILD THINGS

So, take a deep breath; collect your thoughts and know that if you’re looking for a kids service  or entertainment in Byron Bay and surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place.