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Winter Holiday Fun for Kids & Families

I wanted to say that despite the cold, I’d been thoroughly enjoying the glorious blue sky sunny days… but the rain set in at the beginning of this week and the forecast looks a bit rainy for the first week of NSW school holidays. Still, as always, our wonderful local businesses have put together a (Read More)

Autumn Holiday Fun for Kids & Families

With Easter falling early this year, the Queensland and New South Wales school holidays are further apart than usual. A number of local businesses have made a fabulous effort to accommodate that by offering some Autumn school holiday activities early for Queensland holidaymakers. These have been listed in detail on our What’s On Guide and (Read More)

Summer Holiday Fun for Kids & Families

Schools out, the long-awaited Summer Holidays are here and we can’t wait to share and enjoy along with you, some of the fabulous family and kid friendly holiday options on offer in the area over summer. As always, the Summer holidays are split between pre-Christmas and post-Christmas activities and events with many providers starting up (Read More)

Spring School Holidays Are Here! Things to do for kids and family friendly fun to be had in Byron and surrounds

Spring School Holidays are here and there’s plenty on offer with local businesses making every effort to cater to the diverse needs and desires of locals and visitors alike. From crafty and creative, active and energetic, educational and entertaining and all-round inspirational options to suit families and kids from tots to teens! The What’s On Guide is your place to go for all the details – dates | times | location addresses with Google-map | contact details | ticket prices and booking links but below is a taster of everything on offer.

Family Friendly Summer Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Surrounds

School’s out and summer holidays are here! As a family we are staying right here for the holidays and looking to enjoy some of the great activities and events that are on offer. We’ve even chosen a local ‘experience’ Chrissy gift for our whole family to enjoy but can’t say any more than that for (Read More)

2022 Spring School Holiday Fun!

I was going to write how nice has it been to see the sun shining last weekend and this week! Except it started tipping it down on Wednesday evening and pretty much all day on Thursday. Fingers crossed it improves for the start of NSW school holidays!  Strawberries 🍓🍓 have been on special recently so (Read More)

2022 Easter Holiday Fun For Families In Byron Bay And Surrounds

I was just looking back at the last school holidays post I wrote at the end of last year which started with – It’s been a funny old time and not funny haha. A year of unending disruptions, changes, cancellations, setbacks, knock backs, stops and starts and stops again… most days we don’t know if (Read More)

2022 Summer Holiday Fun For Families In Byron Bay And Surrounds

It’s been a funny old time and not funny haha. A year of unending disruptions, changes, cancellations, setbacks, knock backs, stops and starts and stops again… most days we don’t know if we’re coming or going. But here we are, at the end of a tumultuous year and on the cusp of a new one… (Read More)

Ideas for family fun during school holiday lockdown

When lockdown  for Byron Shire LGA was announced on Tuesday afternoon,  I  felt really disheartened and angry. I’s taken me  a couple of days to channel that energy into something more beneficial. In fact it was an unexpected telephone conversation with a friend who has been and still is in lockdown in Sydney with her (Read More)

2021 Spring School Holiday Fun in Byron and Ballina Shires

Hello everyone, What a tough month we’ve all just endured.  Firstly, congratulations for being the best that you could be in this crazy time. Everyone’s best looks different, and even ‘your best’ can be radically different every day for the same person. I was shocked at how flat I was after the initial snap lockdown (Read More)

2021 Winter School Holiday Fun in Byron and Ballina Shires

Once again, the school holidays have rolled around and on the one hand they can’t come soon enough and yet on the other I feel like I need another week to get organised! Has anyone else felt that these last couple of weeks at school have felt more intense, with projects, performances and just generally (Read More)

SPRING 2020 School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

I can’t quite figure out if I feel like the school holidays have come around really quickly or seem to have taken an age to arrive. On the one hand, it’s felt like forever since we’ve had a holiday – but that’s probably because we’ve not really been able to travel given the current situation. (Read More)

Byron4Kids – Going Forward

Hello everyone, It’s getting closer to school holidays. Queensland are in their first week and NSW public schools last day of term is this Friday 3 July. More and more places are opening their doors as restrictions lift and school holidays activities and events are being planned. Exciting stuff! I have some news too (no, (Read More)

Return to normal or a new normal?

Hello there! How’s it all going? I don’t personally believe things will ever ‘return to normal’. I am more of the opinion that there will remain a ‘new normal’ that will keep adjusting as we – collectively – try to find a balance. I’ve had some time to reflect (more so since my kids went back (Read More)

COVID-19 & Byron4Kids What’s On Guide

After some careful consideration, I put out a post on Byron4Kids social media on Monday 16 March about sharing events and activities on our What’s On Guide over the next few weeks and more due to COVID-19😔. I have now included that post here on the website as things continue to change and challenge with (Read More)

SUMMER 2020 School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

Love it or hate it 6 weeks of School Holidays have arrived!!! The sun is shining the sky is blue… and although there’s not much rain in sight for our parched earth, holidaymakers and locals are making the most of what the Northern Rivers has to offer. Now, I’m sure that many of you will (Read More)

Exciting Improvements and Updates to Byron4Kids

Hello! I’ve been working away behind the scenes to make some significant improvements and updates to Updates to the Home Page OK – so more than an update really – more like a complete redesign of the homepage to make it more user friendly and give you easier access to the information you are (Read More)

SPRING 2019 – School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

SPRING 2019 – School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond! I can still remember the last school holidays so clearly  –  as if they were yesterday! To me it feels as if they have come around so quickly – except it’s warming up as we head towards summer. I’ve already seen plenty of holidaymakers (Read More)

Winter 2019 – School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

I don’t know about you – and I can’t believe I am surprised every year – by the amount of term time festivals and events over Winter in this area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – it’s fantastic that there is so much to celebrate and support and enjoy in our community. It (Read More)

Splendour In The Grass – Little Splendour Family Fun!

Pre kids, my husband and I loved to go along to the local music festivals – buying earlybird tix as soon as they went on sale for Bluesfest and Splendour In The Grass. When we used to go, we could ride our pushies along to the Festivals either at Red Devils Park or Belongil Fields. (Read More)

Autumn School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and beyond!

It’s been a funny old term for NSW. We had the 4 days off at Easter and had eased ourselves successfully into holiday mode only for it to be back to school on the Tuesday for a 4-day week and then another week to boot. Everybody I’ve spoken to (with school age kids) feels all (Read More)

Summer School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and beyond!

You could be in paradise… but at some point during this 6 week school holiday, you can be fairly sure you will hear those words… “I’m bored, what can we do now?” probably more than once!  🙈😂 Also likely that you’ll hear those words when you’ve just sat down to take a moment for yourself and (Read More)

Spring School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and beyond!

Once again we seem to have reached the end of the term in the blink of an eye. Seriously, does time speed up when you get older or is it just that you have so much to fit into a day that a week has slipped by before you know it?! Well, whether you love (Read More)

Winter Day Trips – Byron Bay

Well, haven’t we been having some glorious winter weather and perfect timing for the school holidays too! As well as attending some awesome school holiday activities we are endeavouring to keep up with our Winter Day Trips and this week it’s the turn of Byron Bay! We enjoyed a fun lighthouse walk – of which (Read More)

Winter School Holiday Family Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

Wow, although this term seems to have whizzed by in the blink of an eye, these last few weeks have really felt like they’ve dragged their feet… or it could be me not wanting to crawl out from under my doona on these cold winter mornings! I’m actually really excited about these school holidays. Apart (Read More)

Winter Day Trips – Ballina

Well, we tried last week – loading scooters and bikes into the car for our Winter Day Trip to Ballina and despite having all our fingers and toes crossed,  we were conquered by the incessant rain which has lasted another week. We’ve had moments of sunshine – last Sunday and Wednesday morning but it wasn’t (Read More)

Winter Day Trips – Mullumbimby

Well, what a dismal wet week it’s been.  Last Friday my son and I were saying “Please just don’t rain for this morning” and we were fortunately very much obliged as the rain didn’t kick in until we had done our trip and gotten safely home! Sooooo glad we did it too as the rest (Read More)

Winter Day Trips – Bangalow & Hinterland

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you! As many Fridays as we can throughout winter, my 5 year old son and I will be checking out and trialling a Winter Day Trip idea that we can share with you the following week. This ensures the information is as up-to-date as it possibly can be (Read More)

Easter Holidays Family Fun In Byron Bay and Beyond!!

Ok, it’s not been the most awesome of weather but they are here – NSW Easter School Holidays have arrived!!! Now, I’m sure that many of you will have family stuff happening over Easter but I can tell you that there are some lovely family friendly events and activities happening during the holidays and quite a (Read More)

An Alternative Easter Gift

A few weeks ago I received a curious email from Bam & Boo. Who were they? What did they do? What was all this talk about plastic addiction? After reading their email, I checked out their  website and to my delight saw some beautifully designed and gorgeous earthy coloured kids tableware and cutlery. Not (Read More)

Byron4Kids What’s On Guide App!

How handy would it be to have the What’s On Guide appear like an app on the home screen of your phone? Yep, that’s just what I was thinking. It would be so cool not to have to go to your browser – whether that be Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer – and type (Read More)

Summer School Holiday Family Fun In Byron Bay and Beyond!

Love it or hate it 6 weeks of School Holidays have arrived!!! Now, I’m sure that many of you will have family stuff happening over Christmas Week but I can tell you that there are some lovely family friendly events and activities happening in the lead up to Chrissy and of course there are absolutely (Read More)

Birthday Party Fever!

I don’t know about you but for us, October is THE month of BIRTHDAYS. From school friends to family friends to our own daughter, they do not seem to stop coming…every weekend in October we are attending at least…at least one birthday party and it’s now rolling over into the first week of November because (Read More)

Mum’s Night Out! It’s all about YOU!

This is it mums! Lock it in! Saturday 15 October from 6.30 to 9.30pm IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!! How many of us promise each other; “Yes let’s catch up next weekend” or “let’s have a night out next week” but it rarely happens because we lead such busy lives as mums. At best we may (Read More)


I think you’ll agree with me that if your child has made up their mind about what they want to happen for their birthday, we are generally at pains – unless it’s simply not feasible in terms of price or possibility eg – it is a requirement  to be over 10 years old and they (Read More)

Three Sister Walk by Kristy Theissling, Hiking Mums Northern Rivers

A few kilometres south of Australia’s most Easterly Point at Byron Bay, this impressive cliff-top walk departs from the northern end of the Broken Head car park, and is marked with an information sign, visible from the amenities block. Winding through coastal Littoral rainforest, a special endangered type of rainforest found behind dunes and headlands, (Read More)

3 Byron Bay Beach Essentials – made with LOVE from Byron Bay locals!

3 Byron Bay Beach Essentials – made with LOVE from Byron Bay locals! Blue skies, sunshine, stunning beaches, aqua water…what more are you waiting for?! Whether you are a holidaymaker or lucky enough to live here; Byron4Kids has got the low down on the 3 beach essentials for families this summer! Ready? Got that sunscreen (Read More)

Byron Bay Beaches – Are They Safe for Summer?

BYRON BAY BEACHES – ARE THEY SAFE FOR SUMMER? Despite their stunning beauty, many of you may be wondering about Byron Bay beaches and safety in the lead up to summer school holidays NSW in the wake of the increase in shark attacks along our coastline this year. Recently awarded ‘Winner of the Best Beachside (Read More)

School Holidays Are Here!

Wow, it’s that time again and has it come around quickly or what? Term 3 felt like it just flew by and we’ve got 2 weeks of school holidays ahead of us to fill with fun. Byron4 Kids is here to provide you with the inspiration on where to go and what to do around (Read More)

Fantastic Family Fun Day at Bangalow BBQ Bluegrass Festival!

Well I think I was spot on when I wrote earlier that the Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival is the ultimate in a fun family day out. We’ve just experienced it… and it is! We headed to Bangalow arriving around 10.30am – the ever friendly and helpful volunteers guiding us to a parking spot. We (Read More)

a new addition to playgrounds…

So, last Saturday  morning my kids and I went along to the special Saturday Story time held by Lennox Head Library and thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and subsequent fun craft of pasting sunflower seeds on to tree-shaped cut outs of old books and sealing them ready for planting in our own garden at home. (Read More)

Enrich Your Spirit

Last week I took my three year old son and my 6 year old daughter to visit the Crystal Castle in the Mullumbimby Hinterland. We met up with some friends with children of similar ages and  we all enjoyed wandering through the gardens  visiting the koi pond where my son became so engrossed with how (Read More)

Want to narrow it down? Tips for making the most of your search

ADVANCED SEARCH I have been trying to the think of a more ‘friendly’ name than ADVANCED SEARCH as when I see that term on a website I often get the impression that it’s going to involve complex entry of information and then it boils down to  “can I be bothered?” and the answer…  unless I’m (Read More)

Things to do in Byron Bay and Beyond – for kids!

Things to do in Byron Bay and Beyond – for kids! Click Here to subscribe and receive your FREE GUIDE – 20 Free Things to do in Byron Bay and Beyond for kids! I have two young children – age 6 and 3 and I love spending time with them and my husband. We are fortunate (Read More)