Fantastic Family Fun Day at Bangalow BBQ Bluegrass Festival!

Well I think I was spot on when I wrote earlier that the Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival is the ultimate in a fun family day out. We’ve just experienced it… and it is!

We headed to Bangalow arriving around 10.30am – the ever friendly and helpful volunteers guiding us to a parking spot. We unloaded – kids, picnic blanket, camera and a bag of bits and bobs and headed over to the entrance.  Not a cloud in the sky and the fresh morning was already disappearing as jumpers were discarded and delicious fresh juices and teas were ordered from Lily’s stall at the entrance. We wandered around the oval and settled on a spot to spread the picnic blanket and enjoy the music… until the juices were finished and then it was off to check out the Side Show Alley kids games. Jasmine delightedly won a prize from the Chocolate Toss Stall and Elton picked up a goodie bag from the Wheel of Fortune.

Back to the blanket for another 5 minutes to examine the treats and blow up the balloon for a fun game with dad while I enjoyed a few moments peace on the picnic blanket lazily listening to the rollicking foot-tappin’ tunes coming from the Bluegrass Stage.

Then, my daughter spotted the face painting  so it was off to that tent and although there was a bit of a queue she chatted happily  to other children waiting in line and  it was definitely worth the wait. Check out the photo below!

Bangalow BBQ and Bluegrass Festival 2015

By this time we’d reached midday and we wandered around and chose from some of the delicious food on offer; tested and wholeheartedly approved of the organic lemon lime and bitters and finished off with the Kettle Popcorn that literally melted in your mouth!

We had hoped that Elton, our 3 and half year old who was running out of puff, would enjoy a rest time on the picnic blanket but he couldn’t quite settle and rather than it get messy we made the decision to go home a little earlier than we’d hoped.

Having said that; we thoroughly enjoyed our 3 hours at the festival – the first one we’ve ever been to as a family. It is an extremely family friendly festival  – there were at least 6 strollers just surrounding our  picnic blanket and plenty of littlies toddling about. The music was mellow but infectious and you could see adults and children alike toe-tapping, hand-clapping  and jiggling around. Add to that the great food and numerous alternative activities to keep the kids entertained – including The Pits Family Circus (which we kept missing the start of and never actually made it to – oops!) – I can confirm that we are already looking forward to attending next years event!