Broken Head Beach - Broken Head, Suffolk Park


  • Protected beach
  • Popular with families and locals
  • Great place to surf but can get crowded
  • Panoramic look out
  • Great place for a family day out


General Information

Protected by its own headland, and offering an unbroken view of Cape Byron and its iconic lighthouse, Broken Head is locally a family favourite for surfing, swimming and fishing.

This section of Tallow Beach is patrolled at the dates and times specified in the lifeguard services guide.

Although Broken Head Beach is less than a ten-minutes’ drive from Byron Bay, its secluded bush nature make it feel much further away. Located at the end of Broken Head Reserve Road, it contains all the facilities a family needs for a great day out.

Across the dunes from the beach (and adjacent to the Broken Head Holiday Park) is a large open and grassy area complete with undercover picnic tables, barbecues, and a substantial amenities block. Basic supplies – and the obligatory ice-creams and cold drinks – can be obtained from the kiosk in Holiday Park.

Encompassed by littoral rainforest, Broken Head Nature Reserve extends over a headland from which the coastal scenery is stunning. A well-signposted and easy to medium walking track takes you from the beachfront holiday park up through the rainforest, and then trails around the cliff top before delivering you at the magical Three Sisters Lookout. The panoramic coastal vista reveals pristine beaches, rocky coves, and verdant rainforest.

Just before you reach the lookout platform you’ll come upon a large grassy knoll. This is an excellent spot on which to have a picnic or just sit and watch the birds and sea-life below. You never know, you may even be taken by complete surprise like me and be proposed to at this very spot! The slopes surrounding this headland, however, are very steep. So you’ll need to watch your children all the time if they’re very young.

Broken Head is slightly more sheltered than the open sections of Tallow Beach. Nevertheless, there are so many rips about that if you and your children feel like swimming there then you should do so only between the lifeguards’ flags.

When the sandbars are right, and the swell is up, Broken Head’s right-hand point break can get crowded. Experienced surfers, however, will find plenty of uncrowded surf spots down the beach from the point.

To get to Broken Head Nature Reserve and beach, drive down the coast road south of Byron Bay, pass Suffolk Park, and turn left after the quarry when you see the Broken Head Beach signpost. Follow this road until it ends in a parking area where the facilities have been built.  Since this Reserve is managed by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, you’ll be charged $4 hourly parking fees unless you possess either a Single Parks Pass or a Country New South Wales Parks Pass  which can be obtained online or in person at their local office on Tallow Beach Road.  Byron Shire Residents Parking Exemption does not apply to this area. There are some free parking spots available outside the reserve but these are limited and often go quite quickly.