French Classes for Kids, High School Students and Adults - Suffolk Park

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Business Details

  • Group classes for kids starting age 3
  • Face to face private tutoring classes for high school students preparing for the HSC
  • Online private classes can also be provided
  • Classes are taught by an experienced French native teacher
  • Located in Suffolk Park

General Information

For more information and testimonials see below and for kids class excerpt through videos visit:

For enquiries and bookings contact Helene: or Mob: 0402 072 598.

Here is a great opportunity for your child to start learning a second language by joining engaging and entertaining French classes taught through play-based activities such as songs, games, role play and story-telling. I provide either group classes or private lessons for children from 3 years old onward.

I also provide face-to-face and online personalized French tutoring classes for high school students of all levels. Private classes are tailored to meet students’ language goals, interests and needs. We work together in a positive learning environment where building confidence is the cornerstone to guide students to achieve success and realise their potential.

Finally, I run private classes for adults of all levels who want to prepare for a trip abroad or who are simply passionate about the French culture and language.

Why learn a second language at an early age?

Research studies show that learning an additional language increases children’s self-confidence, critical thinking, creativity and flexibility of the mind. It improves cognitive skills that will help them at school in reading, writing and maths. Finally, it exposes children from a young age to different cultures opening their mind and fostering tolerance and respect to others.

Young children are happy to try out new sounds and words without fearing embarrassment.  They are naturally better than adults to pick up and mimic different tones, sounds and pronunciations, thus learning to speak a foreign language with a native-like accent.

Our French childhood education program:

Children learn best when they have fun. My group or private classes are based on play-like activities. I use prompts such as balls, soft toys, puppets, toy-based cooking utensils, food items and laminated colour images of objects and animals making learning fun.

Classes are run using teaching methods that foster participation and interaction. This way, I can also plan activities based on each pupil’s best learning style.

We apply innovative evidence-based concepts developed from educational neuroscience research that strengthen children’s focus, participation and memorisation.

Our French tutoring classes for High School students:

Being familiar with HSC requirements, I provide support, guidance and formative feedback to help students to develop their French skills in preparation for their exam. Together, we use role play, podcasts, videos and printed materials to support instruction and to work on the French pronunciation.


Alison Smith, Byron Bay, Australia

Helene had created a great learning environment in her home for the children to learn the language of French.

Helene customizes her classes to the individuals’ age, stage and needs for growth, also offering adult lessons, one on one.

For preschool and primary aged group classes, each lesson is well planned incorporating fun activities, props, role play and music. Learning through play is her specialty. 

My daughter loves attending each week. I highly recommend Helene as a teacher. 


Vicky and Esme Liddle, Suffolk Park, Australia

Helene has been teaching my 9 year old daughter for 2 years.   She loves the classes and is so inspired that she regularly asks for homework! 

Helene is a very, very fun teacher I really like the games we play and the songs we sing. I really, really enjoy her classes cause it’s not listening to a person going on and on. It’s about having fun and trust me it’s very, very fun.


Meredith Morschel, Yamba, Australia

I really enjoy my weekly virtual French lesson with Helene (we conduct our lesson online). I have learned a lot over the past year.

Helene designs the lessons so that they build on from the previous week and in a way that supports your progress. We always do a combination of grammar, pronunciation/speaking, and exercises to reinforce the grammar lesson.

Helene uses various techniques to assist the learning process including voice recordings which I listen to and transcribe, a great way to improve listening and writing skills.

Helene’s gentle and supportive teaching style makes it a pleasure to attend ‘class’ every week. I highly recommend Helene if you are keen to learn French.


Louica Stradwick, Byron Bay, Australia

Helene tutored me during my final years of high school. She helped me to gain confidence in speaking before I went on an exchange, and helped me to improve my grammatical skills in preparation for my final exams

Helene has a special ability to make the long learning process for an examination enjoyable. She is caring and very dedicated to her work. She always tailored her lessons to fit my specific needs, whether that be practicing speaking or learning cultural perspectives for my written tasks.