Mobile Library - Bangalow, Federal, Ocean Shores, Suffolk Park

Check the Calendar Of Events for when it next stops near you!

Business Details

  • Bangalow – every Saturday  9.30-11.30, Bangalow Parklands (near Heritage House Cafe)
  • Federal – every 2nd Monday 9-10am, Lot 2, Federal Rd,
  • Ocean Shores – every 2nd Tuesday 10.15-12noon, Rajah Rd (in front of Community Centre)
  • Suffolk Park – every 2nd Tuesday 2-4pm, Beech Drive (adjacent to the Pump Track)


  • Fantastic service for communities with no fixed library service
  • Entire corner dedicated to children’s books
  • A real treat for little ones to board a big truck of books!
  • Check out the Calendar Of Events for its next visit near you!

General Information

The Mobile Library has been designed to deliver library services to smaller communities  with no fixed library service.

It offers a complete range of library services on the bus for both children and adults, with a stock of over 8000 items available for loan and new items put on the shelves each week.

Two public PC’s are available for internet access and documents may be printed out for a small fee. A photocopier is also available.

It’s fantastic for those who find it difficult to get into town and visit the main library. It’s also a real treat for little ones; my 3 year old son stood back in awe when I said he could actually go up the steps and enter the ‘big truck’. Once inside, he was further delighted with an entire corner dedicated to children’s books and that he could borrow them! An enchanting experience for him and one he eagerly awaits to repeat!

If you are unable to get to the Mobile Library at the next visit, items may be returned to any other branch library.

For further information on the Mobile Library and where and when it makes its stops, check out the Calendar of Events or visit the Richmond Tweed Regional Library website.