Tallow Beach - Suffolk Park


  • Patrolled in summer in front of the Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park
  • Partly dog friendly (see dog map)
  • Good for beach fishing (see marine map)
  • Playground, amenities block, picnic tables & barbecue at beachfront Gaggin Park


General Information

Viewed from Cape Byron, this is one of the most photographed beaches in Australia. South of the Cape, Tallow Beach extends 6.5km from Cosy Corner to Broken Head. Often windier than the bay, this wide, long, open and unprotected beach generates heavier surf with consistent breaks, some left-hand and others right-hand.

There are so many dangerous rips along this beach, however, that you and your children should swim only at one of the three patrolled areas: Cosy Corner, Suffolk Park, and Broken Head.

South of Byron Bay, and about half way between the beaches of Cosy Corner and Broken Head, is Suffolk Park. In summer this section of Tallow Beach is patrolled at the dates and times specified in the lifeguard services guide in front of the Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park, which is located at the junction of Clifford Street and Alcorn Street.

Bordered by tall grassy sand dunes and Arakwal National Park, this virtually empty beach offers an uninterrupted and stunning vista whichever way you  look, whether towards the lighthouse on your left or the promontory of Broken Head on your right. Wide and flat, it’s ideal for beach walking. The section between Jarman Street and the boundary of Arakwal National Park is dog-friendly. You can check-out the off-leash zone map by clicking here.

The summer-patrolled Suffolk Park section of Tallow Beach can be accessed via a small car park at the end of Clifford Street, next to the Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park. All along Alcorn Street you’ll find other access points, each with a small car park and showers at the entrance.

Halfway along Alcorn Street (and next to the Rural Fire Service building) you’ll find Gaggin Park. In addition to providing beach access, Gaggin Park is equipped with an amenities block, shady picnic tables, barbecues, and a children’s playground.

Suffolk Park has no beachfront shops or kiosks. If you need to purchase refreshments, you can do so by taking a short stroll up Clifford Street to the popular Suffolk Bakery and SPAR supermarket.