Tallow Creek Pathway - Suffolk Park


  • Easy walking / bike track around Tallow Creek – perfect for kids
  • Links to the Byron Bay to Suffolk Park bike track
  • Lined with native and dunal vegetation
  • Marine life conservation area – plenty of bird life to be spotted!


General Information

This is a relatively short and easy walk/bike ride making it perfect for young kids. It depends on which direction you are coming from but this post will start from the Suffolk Park route. Located at the far end of Alcorn Street, the pathway begins to the right of the turning circle at the gated estate. It’s a meandering but mainly flat (a few mild inclines) route which follows a dunal pathway until you arrive at Tallow Creek bridge. Tallow Creek has been zoned ‘Special Purpose Zone’ for protection, rehabilitation and indigenous use and there is plenty of birdlife to be spotted on and around the water. Shortly after the bridge, there is a steeper gradient and then the pathway levels out and you arrive at  the entrance to Arakwal National Park signage on Broken Head Road; about 250 metres from the turn off for Bangalow.  There are a number of beach entrance ways along the route if you or the children fancy a quick dip or packing a picnic. The nearest Public Amenities are to be found at Gaggin Park which is about half way along Alcorn Street next to the Rural Fire Service.