Walking Trail – Heritage Park - Mullumbimby


  • One of Mullum’s best kept secrets!
  • A simply delightful botanical park home to over 300 species of trees and shrubs
  • Two entrances – one with a playground & picnic benches


General Information

Mullumbimby’s Heritage Park Walking Trail is one of Mullum’s best kept secrets.

A simply delightful botanical park, with an idyllic walking trail that winds along beside the Brunswick River. Along the way are plenty of shady picnic tables and park benches with public amenities located near the tennis courts.

Home to over 326 species of trees and shrubs, eight of which are endangered, the park represents the rainforest, eucalypt forest, and heathland ecosystems of the area.  Several hundred local native rainforest and other trees line the paths and river. Most are labelled and include the date planted. The tree-fringed river attracts local and migratory birds yearly, with possums and gliders also inhabiting the area.

There are two entrances to the Heritage Park; one on the corner of Tyagarah Street and Brunswick Terrace and the other on the corner of Dalley and Mill Streets.

However, if you need an inducement for the kids;  if you start or finish at  Jubilee Avenue / Saltwater Creek,  there is  there is a playground at both ends!  At the Saltwater Creek end there is a small playground situated behind the Petria Thomas Swimming Pool (MAKE LINKS) and the main one can be located at the Dalley/Mill St entrance to Heritage Park.

Whichever direction  you choose to take,  it is an easy level, pusher friendly walking track from Saltwater Creek to Heritage Park and can be walked or rode on trikes by the little ones too.

Despite hugging the river and being immersed in nature,  the walking trail is actually situated close to the town centre so you will never be very far away from a cafe or store to serve your needs.