Waterlily Playscape – Water Lily Park - Ocean Shores


  • Stunning timber playscape located at Water Lily Park on Yamble Drive, Ocean Shores
  • Twin slippery dip, large web netting climbing section
  • Huge timber see-saw and web swing
  • Tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment, water bubbler  and public amenities onsite.


General Information

Located at the end of Yamble Drive in Ocean Shores, this new community built children’s playscape is set within a scenic pocket of the neighbourhood; Water Lily Park.  Surrounded by nature;  with the picturesque pond- complete with lovely waterlilies –  on one side and an expanse of parkland in front of it – it’s a gorgeous spot to take the little ones for a play.

I took my son one morning and he had a ball! Climbing the web netting, riding high on the web swing and the enormous timber see-saw! Oh, and did I mention the water pump!! Underneath the structure, there are also fun activities for the toddlers including spinning wheels and musical pipes.

There is also a considerable amount of adult exercise equipment located right next to the playground. The best way to describe it is an outdoor gym – you can see it in the background of the water pump image.

Other facilities located here include the local tennis courts, public toilets and a water bubbler which includes a lower spout and tray for your pet. However, it is worth noting that by law, dogs are prohibited within 10 metres of any playing apparatus provided in a public place for the use of children so if you are going to bring pooch along – don’t forget the leash!

Waterlily Playscape is an on-going project, supported by the community and crowd-funding. It has been made possible through a combination of donations and fundraising initiatives as well as the unflagging efforts of volunteers.

If you are interested in donating or getting involved in the next stage, please visit the website: waterlilyplayscape.org or to keep up to date on what’s happening,  follow the facebook page: facebook.com/waterlilyplayscape