An Alternative Easter Gift

A few weeks ago I received a curious email from Bam & Boo.

Who were they? What did they do? What was all this talk about plastic addiction?

After reading their email, I checked out their  website and to my delight saw some beautifully designed and gorgeous earthy coloured kids tableware and cutlery.


Not only that, but these products have been brought to the table by two local women, one a mum and one a childhood educator and both fuelled by a passionate desire to reduce our plastic addiction and offer an attractive and sustainable tableware option for our families.

Now, I’m really interested.

In fact, after just viewing their gorgeous range online I’m probably hooked…

So, in order to avoid arguments between my two children I opt for 2 x Byron Sunset collections and I am not disappointed!

They arrive in a specially designed cardboard-only packaging with inserts to hold each item securely in place.

I gently remove each item with a little trepidation but they are as robust as they are lightweight. The nature-inspired colours are exactly as portrayed on the website and I love the feel good factor of no nasties and that they are created from a fast growing sustainable resource…I’m absolutely dying to try them out (before the kids get home!)

So of course I do! I enjoy  avo, fetta and tomato crackers plus some yoghurt in one of the bowls (cos I have to try every item!!)  I think the biggest thing I noticed was how nice it was to drink water out of the cup and how it didn’t adversely affect the taste as plastic often does.

The bowl is the perfect size for brekkie, the plate is fab as the sides are slightly raised meaning no more food is accidentally shovelled on to the placemat and the spoon is spot on for portion size. The knife is blunt but great for spreading and pushing food on to a fork or spoon, and the prongs on the fork are relatively blunt too but good enough to fork most things up. Both my husband and I said the same thing… when’s the adult version coming out!!


My kids now refuse to eat off anything else. In fact, even though they use the bowls and cutlery for breakfast and stack it (top-shelf) of the dishwasher afterwards, I often find them back at the dishwasher checking to see if it has been on a wash and if not, they’ll handwash the items so they can reuse them for dinner!!

So, feeling very inspired by these products and the two local women that took the initiative to design such stylish and environmentally  friendly tableware for kids, I had a chat with the lovely Taisa and Fleur to see what we could do to spread the word about their fantastic offering.

From now until 17 April (Easter Monday), if you enter the promo code B4K10 at checkout you will receive 10% discount on their gorgeous tableware collections.

Just go and have a look – it’s uber-sweet and irresistible!

You might want to purchase for your own child/ren,  it could be a baby shower gift, a newborn gift, a birthday gift or an alternative Easter Gift … it could be because you too are passionate about ethical and sustainable resources and what a great way to instil that care in your children from a young age with an eating set that sets the tone for healthy eating habits using stylish and plastic free products. Oh and yes, at the end of their lifetime, they are biodegradable. WIN!!

Whatever way you look at it, the purchase of one of these sets is not only a thoughtful and caring gesture towards the person who is receiving it, but it is a thoughtful and caring gesture to Mother Earth too!

Don’t forget,the offer runs out on 17 April so make sure you get your order in before Easter’s over!