Birthday Party Fever!

I don’t know about you but for us, October is THE month of BIRTHDAYS. From school friends to family friends to our own daughter, they do not seem to stop coming…every weekend in October we are attending at least…at least one birthday party and it’s now rolling over into the first week of November because there are only so many weekends in October!

So, we can either embrace it and bring on the birthday party or (like we did last year) slip away for our birthday weekend and enjoy a couple of nights at a holiday park down the coast!

However, due to the recent upgrade of  Discovery Parks in Byron Bay, who are now the proud owners of a superb water spray park, jumping pillow and graded lagoon pool… these treats are even closer to home… especially when they offer a family (2 adults 2 kids) day pass for just $30 and also are happy to be the venue for kids birthday parties… one of which we attended last Saturday.


It was heaps of fun for kids of all ages! They could go from the pool to the waterspray park to the jumping pillow and back again… which they all did repeatedly over the course of the morning. The parents commandeered a nearby tree-shaded picnic table and festooned the branches with streamers and birthday messages and the table with an array of delicious food which was gobbled up by the non-stop active children! It was great fun for the adults/parents too as they could join in the fun at the waterspray park – the open slides are very generous in width and at least two people could sit side by side and go down at the same time. The tube slide is the width of one person but we were easily able to pop our son  between our legs until he got the hang of it and then he was away! Gated separately, the lagoon pool has a graded entry so littlies can splish splash around up to whatever depth they feel comfortable and the jumping pillow is as bouncy as you make it… yes adults are definitely allowed to have fun on it too!

Other options, if your kids are primary school age and you don’t want your house run rampant with birthday excitement fuelled kids is to hold it at a local park and, we have plenty to choose from in Byron and Ballina Shires. You can check out a list of local parks (with playgrounds) by clicking here.

In fact, this weekend, we are doing just that. My daughter and a school friend birthday’s are close together (no surprise there… it is the month of birthday’s for us!!) and we are holding a joint birthday party in a local park. Joint birthday parties are a great way to reduce the load of organising and preparing and hosting a birthday party on your own. One of us created a fun invitation, the other is managing the RSVP, one of us has organised the cake, the other has organised the piñata and face-painting…etc etc. I can tell you that without a doubt, it is such a blessing to have halved the load and to be able to share options and ideas with someone else and I am so grateful to my friend for suggesting it. In fact, since we sent out the invite one of the mums from school has said she is going to put together a class birthday list and email it out so that other parents can see when other children’s birthdays are and have the opportunity to get together and create a joint birthday party.


A few years back, when my daughter turned 5, we had Shorty Brown come along to our party in the local park. OMG! She was the best! The kids were screaming with laughter, chasing her around and having so much fun, then they sat rapt on the parachute while she performed some of her wacky magic tricks that had them rolling around in delight! Finally she made them all cool twisty balloon shapes into more or less whatever they asked for!  We are going to invite her back this year as it’s my son’s turn to turn 5 and we could think of no one better to host a 5 year olds birthday party.

If just the thought of organising a birthday party has you in pieces; then without a doubt, hand the job over to local specialists Kidz Klub. They specialise in all areas of party planning from pirates to pony rides, babysitting to bouncy castles, face-painting to fairy characters and much more besides! Friendly, organised and helpful with great suggestions and ideas that match your (your child’s!) requirements. We have attended a number of Kidz Klub events over the years and my children have always been delighted with the diverse range of activities as have we with the friendly, professional staff. These people really know what they are doing and quite literally remove all stress with their confident and calm approach acquired from years of experience in this area.

Kidz Klub Australia also manage Farm Kids so you know you’re in good hands if you want to hold your child’s birthday party at The Farm Byron Bay. For a maximum of 20 kids they set up a decorated table the stable area and offer a full Farm Kids tour, fun games in the orchard followed by a farm themed craft activity (e.g paint a pot and pot up a herb, make a Mr potato head)


Crap at making a cake… what if I tell you that I’ve yet to make a ‘proper’ birthday cake for my kids…thing is they’ve got a gorgeous godmother who takes great pleasure in making their birthday cakes and I,  99% guilt-free, happily pass on that role to her. But, what if you’re not lucky enough to have a ‘fairy’ godmother to bake your gluten free, lactose free this free that free but still utterly delicious cake?

Well, look no further than Byron Bay Cake Boutique. I simply lust over her Instagram feed. Go on, have a look and tell me you don’t! Tara creates, designs and whips up the most heavenly cakes using locally sourced ingredients from right here in the shire. So if you’re looking for something that bit special – she is without a doubt the woman to go to… but make sure you get in early as during certain months of the year she can be booked out weeks in advance!



Whatever you decide to do for your little one’s birthday, I hope this post has helped you with a few ideas if you get stuck or overwhelmed or just fancy doing something a bit different!