Enrich Your Spirit

Last week I took my three year old son and my 6 year old daughter to visit the Crystal Castle in the Mullumbimby Hinterland. We met up with some friends with children of similar ages and  we all enjoyed wandering through the gardens  visiting the koi pond where my son became so engrossed with how close the fish came to the banks that he slipped and accidentally dunked a leg in before I caught his arm and saved the rest of him from taking a dip. Because we all had little ones with us though, we spent the majority of time in the delightful playground complete with a rose quartz round table and stools and a crystal covered purple dragon. My son wandered over to ‘help’ the wonderful volunteers that assist with the maintenance of the gardens and the veggie patch and he spent a wonderful half an hour helping to water the plants with ‘worm juice’ and chatting happily to the gardeners.

My 6 year old daughter however was dying to explore and discover and as we were a bit limited by what we could feasibly do – being unable to split myself in two and monitor both of them in separate locations – I promised my patient girl that we would return – just the two of us for our own magical Crystal Castle trip – where she could decide exactly where we went and what we would see and do.

That special day was today.  We spent the morning together as a family – the four of us riding our bikes to the local coffee shop and, once fortified with coffee and croissants we headed to the park before the rain got the better of us and we rode home.

We set off on our girly trip after lunch, arriving at the Castle around 12.45pm. Being locals, we were able to enter at the discount price of just $9 for me and free for Jasmine. We had such a wonderful time that I am considering buying the annual locals pass for $29 next time we visit. There is also a 40% discount for residents of surrounding shires – just need to remember to bring ID.

We’d visited the World Peace Stupa and enjoyed spinning the prayer wheels on the last visit although we still made an obligatory stop at the koi pond to marvel at the fish.

The first thing she wanted to try was the Damanhur Spiral and after reading the instructions she entered first to walk the spiral and I entered as she made her way out. It was a calming and introspective walk in and felt quite uplifting on the way out… right up until – as she had finished the walk already she couldn’t contain her excitement to move on to the next thing – she began hissing loudly – “Come on Mum!  Hurry up!!

We followed the main pathway admiring the stunning and enormous crystals en route to the Labyrinth. A walking meditation on a winding path to the centre.  Savouring the opportunity to go first as it wasn’t being used by anyone else, she darted in to follow the path, her delight building as she reached the centre. The photos show her pure joy at this achievement.

From there we made our way directly across to the Courtyard to marvel at the stunning spinning rose quartz and get lost in the mural.

Crystal Castle

Then the gong rang and it was 1.30pm; time to enter the Peace Room to experience the Music of the Plants.  There are no words to describe this profound experience and both my daughter and I listened in awe and reverence.

Next it was through the amethyst gateway to enjoy the Shambhala Gardens and the Buddha Walk. It was such a special walk through the different elements of the garden – just doing this created a joyous connection between us . We finished the walk sitting under an Angel Trumpet Tree – full of it’s pendulous apricot coloured trumpet-shaped flowers – taking in the breathtaking and peaceful vista  with a feeling of utter contentment.

After our fulfilling rest, we made our way back up towards the Lotus cafe via the playground where she bumped into a school friend so they enjoyed a fun play while we mums chatted eventually making our way into the Lotus Cafe to enjoy an icy pole.  Last stop was the crystal gallery where my daughter was immediately drawn to a piece of orange calcite. I plucked out the little card that denotes the meaning and was not surprised to find that the mystic lore of the stone is ‘I am playful and creative’ – it couldn’t be more of perfect match for Jasmine and she has gone to sleep with it tonight, tucked under her pillow.

The Crystal Castle’s ethos is Enrich Your Spirit and that is exactly what it has done for us both today. We look forward to returning soon.