Want to narrow it down? Tips for making the most of your search


I have been trying to the think of a more ‘friendly’ name than ADVANCED SEARCH as when I see that term on a website I often get the impression that it’s going to involve complex entry of information and then it boils down to  “can I be bothered?” and the answer…  unless I’m researching to write about a specific topic… is “no, I can’t be bothered. Can you?”

The thing is; I created the ADVANCED SEARCH as a help tool so you can make the most out of the information listed by specifying it to your preferred location or activity type.

Let’s say for example you live in Ballina and it’s a rainy day – then you can click on to ADVANCED SEARCH and choose BALLINA and INDOOR ACTIVITIES and hey presto, up comes a list of indoor things to do in Ballina – eg  the cinema, ten pin bowling, playgroups on that day, storytime or baby bounce at the library, Ballina indoor sports and skate centre…

I even created a special category for the school holidays called “School Holiday Activities”. Select that as an option in ADVANCED SEARCH and up pop all the school holiday activities. You can of course specify it further by location and see what’s on where you happen to be that day.



I’m a bit of a planner but not everyone is like me so the CALENDAR OF EVENTS is designed to suit everyone. I prefer to take a look at the week ahead and plan what we are going to do – especially during the school holidays. I then save these events in my own calendar with reminders… I might like planning but I’m not that great at remembering what I’ve planned unless I’ve got reminders in my phone!!

The CALENDAR OF EVENTS is listed in Agenda Format making very easy to read, scrollable listings of what’s on this school holidays for the rest of the week and beyond!

Just click on a listing to get more information about the activity or event and booking details.

The CALENDAR OF EVENTS can be selected either from the Main Menu buttons or from the link at the bottom of the What’s On Guide that also appears on almost all pages. ADVANCED SEARCH  is accessible from the top of related pages on the website including; playgrounds and skateparks, activities and attractions, events and festivals and shopping and markets.

And, if anyone has a great idea for renaming ADVANCED SEARCH to something more catchy and user friendly, please send me an email at byron4kids@gmail with your thoughts!