Ideas for family fun during school holiday lockdown

When lockdown  for Byron Shire LGA was announced on Tuesday afternoon,  I  felt really disheartened and angry. I’s taken me  a couple of days to channel that energy into something more beneficial. In fact it was an unexpected telephone conversation with a friend who has been and still is in lockdown in Sydney with her kids that helped me change perspective and led me to write this post.
I thought of the things that we usually do in the school holidays  – activities and attractions that I usually list on Byron4Kids under the headings: Get Active, Get Creative, Be Entertained and Inspired  – and then I tried to apply them to our current lockdown situation.

Get Active

Apart from playing out in the street, going for walks, bike rides and scootering /skateboarding down at the pump track and skate park – which are things we do fairly regularly, the kids have decided to create an obstacle course in the back yard.  We don’t have a big back yard but it goes down one side of the house which helps. They have tied rope between trees to balance on, used old pieces of timber and bricks  and even taken the basket that hangs on the front of one of the bikes and hung it on the washing line as a make-shift basketball hoop that they have to throw a ball into to complete the course.  From creating it to playing on it, to timing themselves, adding or changing parts… it’s kept them busy, occupied and active for hours.

Get Creative

So the spare bits of timber and bricks/pavers that we have under the house have had a dual purpose. Not only have some been used in the obstacle course, but others are fast become pieces of art – just check out the photos below.  If you don’t have paint – we’ve found you can pick some up at local Newsagents or even supermarkets (if your regular go to shops for these things are in lock down are outside of your LGA).  Also, if you don’t have  timber or bricks – don’t let that stop you.  A while back I joined local AWESOME MUMS Facebook Group where I saw a cool FB post about painting small rocks to make a cute village so we’ve made a start on that, and then I saw another one… I haven’t shown my daughter yet – toilet paper roll houses that you can paint, and decorate with a cupcake paper roof. Soooo cute!  There’s also another toilet paper roll one – make your own projector… I’d better be careful though… don’t want to be running out of toilet paper in lockdown!!

Be Entertained

I don’t know about you but board games and puzzles have been a bit exhausted in our house since the last recent lockdown and they don’t have the thrill they usually hold after a couple of months of not playing one. Fortunately my son is pretty into his Lego at the moment – making wild creations and even making a delightful house for his sister so they can play together.  However she, being almost a teenager, wants something a bit more.  They both love music and are developing individual tastes so she has been having fun making her own music with the  free version of Garageband App and I have been both surprised and impressed with what she’s produced.  We are also enjoying family movie nights – although we don’t make tickets (perhaps we should for fun) we do set the loungeroom up with popcorn,  soda, chippies and ice-cream so we can feel a bit like we’re at the movies!

Be Inspired

Talking of ice-cream… we made some. Seriously… and seriously yum.  You know the other week when strawberries were on special for $1 a box (250g) well, for some reason I looked up how to make strawberry  ice-cream (as I’d bought a few boxes) and I found this recipe that was not only fairly simple – but OMG, it is so delicious we have had to make it twice more!  I’ll post the link below but in a nutshell you roast (yes you read that right) roast 1 kg (as in 4 punnets) of chopped strawberries with a light sprinkling of sugar for  45 mins. Blend and cool.  When cool, blend with a tin of condensed milk. Then whip some cream and fold it in to the strawberry and condensed milk mixture , pop it in the freezer for 12 hours and voila – the most amazing strawberry ice-cream.  I did try to make a vegan version for a friend and I used coconut condensed milk and whipped up some aquafaba and coconut cream to replace the dairy ingredients. She thought it was delicious but it was more gelato to me than creamy… but it can be done!
And Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk started on 22 September and runs to 30 September. It’s only on every 3 years and is a fun and fantastic display of sculptures from 50 artists from all around Australia. It’s within Byron Shire LGA so why not enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon in Bruns. If you have little ones – why not incorporate the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail and finish of with a swim and a splash at Torakina. I know for sure that it will lift our spirits and  chase our lock down blues away!
I hope this helps you to feel a bit more inspired and lifts you up out of the doldrums of lock down in school holidays. 💛 Michelle x