Things to do in Byron Bay and Beyond – for kids!

Things to do in Byron Bay and Beyond – for kids!

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I have two young children – age 6 and 3 and I love spending time with them and my husband. We are fortunate enough to live in a suburb of Byron Bay and we have been here for about 10 years now.

My daughter is at school now and since February this year, my son happily attends family daycare 3 days a week. That means I am now in a position where I can direct my time and effort into researching something close to my heart and sharing it with others.

I love finding new, interesting and  local things to do and see with my children. Whether it be a park we have never visited before or being brave enough to ride the highest waterslide and witness the sheer delight on my daughter’s face as she whooshes out at the bottom. Or visiting any one of the local libraries to listen to story time and participate in a craft session or a wander around the Macadamia Castle and spending almost the whole time with the baby chooks as my youngest thinks they are the most exciting and adorable creatures there. Visiting any one of the Byron Bay Markets to sample their wares and savour the local produce. Taking a walk over one of  the many stunning headlands keeping our eyes peeled for pods of dolphins, whales and of course, mermaids!

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Activities for kids, especially outdoor activities,  that enrich my children’s life are very important to me and are abundant in this area.  They are important to me not only for the well rounded development of my children but they also work as a balm for my own soul.

Think back for a moment to when you were a little one.  What are your fondest childhood memories? Chances are, they will be based outdoors. Family picnics, climbing trees, a day at the beach pottering around in the rock pools, running fast and free  in open spaces. I remember we had a huge park and playing fields across the road from where we lived when we were kids. During summer,  my brothers and  I would head over there to kick a soccer ball or play cricket, climb trees and play hide and seek in the long grass. During winter we would take our sledges and whizz down the icy snowy  hill avoiding trees and trying to come to a skidding stop before we ended up in the stream at the bottom. Breathlessly exciting and endless fun… until you ended up in the stream and then it was a soggy shivering walk back home. Undeterred, we did it again and again – very fond memories.

There are heaps of things to do in Byron Bay and surrounding towns that foster the value of outdoor activities for kids. Byron Bay weather means we are blessed with warm summers and mild winters and you can see just what a positive impact being outdoors  has on the development of their senses. Sight; sun rising out of the ocean, Sound; listening to and even mimicking different bird calls, Smell; Frangipani flowers scent after a summer shower, Touch; the feel of sand between the toes or cascading through little fingers.

My children are never happier than when they are outdoors engaging all their senses and their innate happiness is of paramount importance to me. That’s why I care so much about things to do for kids.

We are so lucky. This area is the most beautiful and nourishing place I’ve ever lived – and the value of its sheer beauty cannot be underestimated.

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